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    We started using PX Composite teeth about a year ago because we wanted to improve the quality of our fixed hybrid cases. We have been really impressed because the posterior teeth have not shown any signs of wear. I believe the reason is not only the hardness of these teeth but the overall quality and morphology. Fixed hybrid cases are the toughest test for denture teeth.  I feel confident using these teeth for any kind of denture case.


    Kenneth J. Zanon, CDT

    Nu-Art Dental Lab., Inc.

    Brookfield Wisconsin


    My doctors tell me that they love the Crown PX teeth because of excellent translucency, color stability, and hardness.   I see these same attributes as well in the lab.  These are just great teeth.


    Michael J. Goodman

    Equipoise Dental Laboratory

    Bergenfield, New Jersey

    Yamahachi Crown PX teeth are the hardest teeth I have used. I have confidence in using it against bridgework or with any implant cases. Aesthetically it rivals any tooth I have come across. I particularly appreciate the shading. The overall tooth shape is excellent. I love using these teeth and my patients love it as well. It is a win-win situation.


    Clay Sulek, Denturist


    Bellingham Denture Clinic

    Bellingham Washington


     In my 40 years at the bench,  Yamahachi PX composite posterior  teeth are the hardest teeth, I have used.  Consequently the centric holds well and helps to prevent TMJ problems and other issues.

    Additionally they have a great natural like appearance. I am very happy with Efucera PX and Simplerr PX teeth.


    Ralph Cook, C.D.T.

    Precision Dental Designs

    Davenport, Iowa


    My dentists have told me that Soluut teeth have made a real difference in the self esteem of their patients.  I have noticed in particular that the detailed anatomy make these teeth extremely realistic and natural looking.  Soluut PX teeth are the best quality teeth I have used.


    Edmundo Nava

    Nava Dental Lab

    Las Vegas Nevada


    I think the Version 1 Articulator is an excellent product with outstanding movement.  I like the magnet system because it is easy to put in and take out.  Additionally, it is convenient because it does not take up a lot of space and it is light weight.  Finally, the magnets and metal pieces are inexpensive so that it is cost effective to use.


    Kuniaki Iijima

    Professional Dental Studio

    Parsippany New Jersey


    The F2 is great for removing scratches from thermoplastic materials and the M3 is excellent for the high shine for acrylics.  We also use Twister Big for surgical stents and nightguards.  In short, it is an extremely useful product for a variety of different materials.


    Peter Solomon

    Asteto Dent Lab

    Maplewood New Jersey


    We have been using Yamahachi Base Plate Wax for many years. It is a phenomenal product. It has a lifelike gingival color. It is easy to carve. It holds up in the heat of the summer and the cold in the winter.  It is sticky enough to hold onto the model but not so sticky that it adheres to the spatula. My technicians do not want to use anything else.


    Frank Tintrup

    Tintrup Dental Lab

    Mount Vernon, New York


    Yamahachi Wax Disks  are neither too hard nor too soft.  The accuracy is excellent. I am able to design the coping tight and it will fit on the die without breaking. Additionally, it burns out cleanly withA no residue. I am very satisfied with the product.


    Marcin Czjkowski

    Marvit Dental Lab

    Fairlawn, NJ



    I have tried many different acrylics and Basis is my favorite for many reasons. It is dimensionally stable, it does not change from setup. The color is excellent, I use O Pink. Also it is very hard and shines up really well. If necessary I can cure it very quickly.


    Marco Silva

    Denture laboratory LLC

    Clark, New Jersey


    With Basis HI Acrylic, I get no porosity whatsoever.  It is easy to polish and finished like glass.  The bonding is excellent. It is virtually unbreakable.  I use the Original Shade and it is beautiful.  Basis Hi exceeds all my expectations.


    Joe Firetto

    Supreme Dental Lab

    Elizabeth, NJ


    I use Pattern Bright to connect 2 pieces together that I need to solder, such as large bridges to implants.  It sets very fast, the connection stays stable from the doctor’s office to the lab and there is no expansion or contraction.


    Greg Booker C.D.T.

    Whiting Dental Service

    Whiting, New Jersey


    Re-Fine Bright works great.  It is fast and it does not run. It goes where you put it.  I do not need a pressure pot for repairs.  It can bench cure by itself.


    Rusty Skinner

    Skinner Dental Lab

    Delray Beach Florida



    New Ace Anterior teeth look really nice.  The shape and anatomy are highly aesthetic.  The acrylic is very hard so that I can grind it very carefully and it lasts a long time I the mouth.  It polishes very easily and the shine is great.  My lab has delivered a lot of dentures since we started using New Ace teeth and my doctors are very happy with the product.


    Sandra Zapata

    Florida Dental Lab

    Sunrise, Florida

    I like the colors of the New Ace teeth. The shades look natural and match the Vita shade guide well. I also like the incisal blends into the body.  The anatomy is excellent.  The large range of moulds allows me to stock some really nice very large moulds that I require from time to time.


    Ramon Salazar

    Vencol Dental Lab

    Tamarac, Florida

    New Ace is better than any denture teeth I have ever used!


    Anna Smigielska

    Solident Dental Lab

    Woodland Park, New Jersey


    The Naperce moulds are very natural looking.  The shades are on the money. They look really good in the mouth and the wear factor is excellent.  We have great feedback from our doctors.


    Craig Stram

    Craig Dental Lab

    Poughkeepsie New York


    Yamahachi offers an excellent line of denture teeth that embodies natural, lifelike characteristics.  In particular, the  Efucera AC Posteriors offers outstanding occlusion.  There are no spaces in between cusps.  Upper and lower digitate 100%.  When I get cases back for repair even if they are one or two years old the cusps are still functioning.  The availability of the 36 moulds is really important for the large cases that we get from time to time.


    Rigoberto Lopez

    Rigo Dental Lab

    Paissaic, New Jersey


    One might assume that all flat plane teeth are similar, but the Yamahachi Flat AC are clearly superior.  The anatomy on the lingual have very nice contour, and even the occlusal has good detail.  The shades have beautiful vitality and closely match the Vita Shade Guide.  I have used Yamahachi teeth for years and have a lot of confidence when I send these teeth to my doctors.


    Pat DePasque CDT

    Preferred Dental Lab

    Roseland New Jersey

The highest Quality Brand in the Dental Lab Industry

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